Fingerprinting in 2017

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There are many ways to do fingerprinting in 2017 but ink and roll remains one of the easier first steps. It is the means that allows Myfastcheck.com the ability to be mobile and go to customers sites to save them a significant amount of time and money in staff hours and hardships.

Once your finger prints have been captured on paper they can be digitially scanned with either a Dual Scan or Card Scan machine.

Other providers may have a Livescan or Dual scan to capture your fingerprints digitally and skip the ink and roll process all together.

Government of Canada – Mandatory Electronic Fingerprints

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As of Feb 1, 2017, the Canadian Federal Government has moved to require mandatory electronic fingerprints for all its new personnel requiring security screening. This includes anyone that needs screening for reliability status, secret or top secret clearance. Digital fingerprints are also required for updating or upgrading an existing security or reliability clearance.

FastCheck is proud to have received certification and accreditation from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) to submit digital fingerprints for the mentioned requirements.

More information can be found here