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Digital Fingerprinting

Digital Fingerprinting in Winnipeg has become the standard method of applying for a Criminal Background Check.

Fingerprints are taken, digitally scanned and submitted to the RCMP for a Criminal Background Check through their National Criminal Records Repository.

FBI Fingerprinting

FASTCHECK is proud to be one of a few companies accredited to provide FBI fingerprints.  The FBI prints are digitized, scanned and submitted to the FBI for a search of their national database.

This service may be useful for immigration lawyers, Canadian based companies with US operations, or for frequent travelers.

Mobile Fingerprinting Services – Save time and money!

FASTCHECK is an RCMP accredited Fingerprinting Business.

We provide digital fingerprint submissions for:

  • Canadian Adoption
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Canadian Federal Government Employment
  • Canadian Landed Immigrant Status
  • Canadian Municipal Government Employment
  • Canadian Pardon Application
  • Canadian Permanent Residency
  • Canadian Privacy Act Request – Non-Certified Criminal History
  • Canadian Privacy Act Request – Pardoned Record
  • Canadian Private Industry Employment
  • Canadian Provincial Government Employment
  • Canadian Record Suspension
  • Canadian Volunteer Employment
  • International Adoption
  • International Employment
  • International Immigration
  • International Marriage
  • International Travel
  • International Visa Application
  • International Volunteer Employment
  • US Entry Waiver

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