No one likes lineups. It’s bad enough when there’s a line at the grocery store checkout or a line to get a smoothie at the mall.

Those are inconveniences. A line to get your fingerprints taken for essential documents—documents that could impact your career, your residency status, and your life?

Those are dreadful.

At FASTCHECK, we’ve created a system to help eliminate lines and give you the fastest, most accurate fingerprinting service in Winnipeg. 

Here’s how we do it:

Booking in advance

With FASTCHECK, you can book your appointment in advance. Give us a call, and we’ll set up an appointment for you.

You’ll get an appointment when you book with us, so you’ll never have to wait in line. Best of all, most of our fingerprinting appointments take 10 minutes or less—so you’ll hardly have to wait at all!

We recommend booking in advance for basically everything. Ordering food? Order in advance for pick-up! Need to see a hairdresser? Don’t rely on walk-ins; book an appointment!

Booking in advance—it’s the perfect antidote to stressful lines.

Mobile fingerprinting

You’ve been to restaurants where they ask you to wait 30-45 minutes for a seat because you didn’t make a reservation. You’ve gone to stores, scoured the aisles for the product you’re looking for, and been forced to wait in line for what feels like an eternity before making a purchase.

Today, many of us skip these ordeals by ordering online and having goods delivered right to our door. 

You can do it with services, too. Here at FASTCHECK, we offer mobile fingerprinting. That means we can come to you to provide fingerprinting services. Our mobile service is mostly used by offices where multiple people need fingerprinting services at once. This usually happens with a new wave of hires or when staff need criminal record checks for government projects.

Skip the lines With FASTCHECK

With how fast and efficient our Winnipeg fingerprinting service is, you’re going to start wondering why you ever have to stand in a line.

Skip the lines. Skip the stress. Choose FASTCHECK.