WINNIPEG, Manitoba:  A growing number of Manitoba jobs and volunteer positions require criminal background checks, but the process to obtain them can be frustratingly complicated and lengthy.  FASTCHECK Criminal Record & Fingerprint Specialists is a local agency that offers a quicker and smoother alternative to the standard process.  

Job application deadlines and employment or volunteer start dates wait for no one.  Accordingly, when a Manitoban requires a background check, time is very often of the essence.  There are four main types of criminal record checks in Manitoba, all with slightly different purposes, requirements, and fees.  But they all share one thing in common: Wait times.  

While the wait times may vary between a Name-Based Criminal Record Check (CRC), Certified Criminal Record Check (with fingerprints), a Police Information Check (PIC), or a Vulnerable Sector Check (VS), all of them involve multiple days and sometimes as much as multiple weeks for completion.  Neither the Winnipeg Police Service nor the RCMP has an option for expediting the process.

Neil Murray, owner and president of FASTCHECK Criminal Record & Fingerprint Specialists, witnessed background check delays negatively impacting Manitobans and decided to do something about it.  With more than thirty years of experience in the telecommunications/security industry, he founded NRM Telecom & Security Services (the parent company of FASTCHECK) in 2006.

“All I can ever think about is that there are probably one hundred plus people lined up for two to three hours at WPS waiting in line,” says Murray, “while we at FASTCHECK are appointment-based to get you in, keep you safe, and get you completed for whatever fingerprint or criminal background check requirements you may have.”  

While Manitobans can apply online for some types of record checks, certified agencies like FASTCHECK are still reliably quicker options.  By processing your documents immediately, FASTCHECK dramatically reduces wait times, usually getting clients their record checks the same day as their appointment.  In addition, FASTCHECK’s mobile fingerprinting service can come to your place of employment for large-scale fingerprinting  like what may be required when Trades companies get Contracts that require everyone that enters the properties to have a Fingerprint based (Certified) Criminal Record check completed – driving out the Document Control Number (DCN#) that is used as a unique/per person tracking mechanism to gain access in Fed Govt properties.

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